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Universe, Life, Science, Future "firsts"
1) The recognition of the "galaxy cycle" of nebula to globular galaxy.
2) The recognition of globular clusters as the product of naturally selected living objects and the obvious fate of humans and living objects of any planet.
3) The possible development of the ribosome before the cell.
4) The first to explicitly describe the possibility and science of "remote neuron reading and writing", and "direct-to-brain windows" (coining both those phrases and concepts for the first time in history).
5) The first complete telling of the story of evolution, the history of science, and a projection of the future in a video.
6) The first video to view all matter as being made of light particles, including so-called "anti-matter".
7) The first video to view light as being made of material particles, returning to the view of Descartes, Hooke, and Newton of light as being made of corpuscular bodies.
8) The first to claim that matter and motion cannot be exchanged, created, or destroyed, which places limits on the concept of "energy", since mass and motion cannot be converted into each other as is claimed by many theories, including the special and general theories of relativity.
9) The first video to openly reject James Clerk Maxwell's famous (and still currently accepted) electromagnetic wave theory of light.
10) The first video to openly reject the claim of a non-euclidean geometry applying to the physical universe.
11) The first video to openly reject the theories of space and time dilation and contraction, and relativity. The first to revive the idea of a single unchanging time for all of the universe.
12) The first to recognize that all proteins, lipids and carbohydrates may strictly be the products of cells.
13) The first video to state clearly the simple theory that there must be many, many galaxies too far away for any light they emit to reach us.
14) One of the first public videos to recognize the inevitability of helicopter and/or flying car highways, and to show them graphically (the movies "Star Wars", "Blade Runner", and perhaps some others may show flying car highways, but without clearly describing flying helicopter cars as the inevitable future of life on Earth).
15) The first to recognize the theory of a fully democratic nation, where the public votes constantly and electronically on all decisions they must live under.
16) That the dual or paired nature of the periodic table (two rows of 8 elements, two rows of 18 elements, and then two rows of 32 elements), does not imply a spherical atom (which would have an increasing number of elements until the inert gas of each row, following the equation for surface area of a sphere 4*pi*r2), but implies an atom made of two symmetrical parts, or some non-spherical shape.
17) The first video to publicly assert that the first words of human language were single syllable only.
18) The first to publicly theorize that we live on an atom factory and that like molecules, atoms are "cold temperature only" objects formed at the colder surface of stars and planets.
19) The first to shine the spotlight on and to correctly reveal the truth about the commonplace nature of atomic transmutation, atomic fusion, and fission of every kind of atom (including fission of small atoms, and fusion of large atoms) made public in the 1930s to 1950s.
20) The first video to show the various family relationships between most of the major species, in particular the different flower families, which most people (myself included) were not previously aware of- for example that tomatoes, potatoes, egg plants, bell peppers, and tobacco, are all related in the same Order of flowing plants "Solanales", and the realization that many trees are actually just large angiosperms.
21) The first to make clear that all human languages only have around 30 sounds, and that this sharing of 30 base sound, implies a common origin for language, which is presumed to be in Africa before Homo sapiens entered Eurasia. The first to estimate the origin time and place of each sound and sound family.
22) Created the name "globular galaxy" for any galaxy with only globular clusters and without any gas clouds (currently these galaxies are called "elliptical" galaxies) and in particular the spherical end-product galaxy in the galactic cycle from nebula to globular.
23) The first to publicly state the theory that light emitted from electric current is probably the result of particle collision of the particles in the current and in the conductor. In addition, that low frequencies of radio can easily be produced, not just electromagnetically, but simply mechanically from a fire, for example, by filtering the light at regular intervals.
24) The first to show that if the mass of the Jovian planets had a density similar to that of Earth, then they would have solid and liquid (terrestrial) centers, in the case of Jupiter 6 times the diameter of Earth.
25) The theory that galaxies may grow exponentially around a central group of light particles. At a 1% growth rate from a single light particle to an average sized globular galaxy, 79% of the time the group of matter would be composed of less matter than even a single star.
26) The first to state publicly and clearly that galaxies are like fish in the ocean, and that they prey on each other, more advanced (and larger) globular galaxies integrating and consuming (feeding on) less developed and/or smaller galaxies, and that this fate may be the future of our planets and star system being integrated or consumed by larger star clusters like the Hyades and/or M13.
27) The first to recognize that ovum and sperm are probably very similar to our ancient protist single-celled ancestor, and that the entire nervous, circulatory, muscular, and other systems all evolved later as successful adaptations in order to bring sperm and ovum together, (in addition to contributing to protection from physical destruction).
28) The idea of small radio transmitting cameras accelerated to high speeds to the other stars.
29) The recognition of the first cement at Khafajah that dates to around 2400 BCE, as the first concrete (in addition to the later Sennacherib's Aqueduct built around c690 BCE). The current claim by some authoritative sources is that the earliest cement is from Rome and occurs much later in history.
30) The first to recognize that antimatter is most likely only electrical opposite matter (made of light particles) and that probably many negatively and positively charged light particle groupings of many various masses can be made, even if only for a fraction of a second, from particle collisions.
31) The first to recognize that as time continues in the evolution of the metazoans, the number of neurons increases while the size of neurons decreases, just like transistors as computers improve. The secrecy around neurons clearly contributes to the lack of even basic truths like this reaching the general public. More and smaller neurons gives an organism a selective advantage in survival because an organism is able to remember more information (images, sounds, etc.).
32) The first to examine the Milky Way before the formation of the star Earth rotates around developed, for example the first advanced life, and first globular cluster of the Milky Way, and that most stars may be the product of collision, stable star systems (colder in temperature) being the result of stars that go a long time without any major star-to-star sized collisions.
33) That the planets and the sun will eventually be consumed for food, fuel, and building materials- that globular clusters must consume stars.
34) That an organism that is building a cluster must extend beyond the cluster- for example if the open cluster contains 100 stars, then the species probably actually occupies 1000 stars in the vicinity, and also has ships (micro or macro robot ships) around 10,000 stars in the vicinity.
35) Coining the phrase remote neuron reading and writing, direct-to-brain windows, thought-audio, thought-image, thought-screen, eye-screen, thought-window, eyes-window.
36) That electrical induction and radio communication are actually examples of the photoelectric effect (with low frequencies of light particles).
37) The theory that most of the heat from inside the Earth is the result of the motion that occurs when compressed particles find more open space toward the surface.
38) Reviving Ampere's view that a magnetic field is nothing more than a dynamic electric field, that is, an electric field due only to an electric current (a series of moving electric charges).
39) That the spectra of subatomic particles may be able to determine the identity of each subatomic particle; from how they disintegrate into their source light particles.
40) Reviving and more clearly and explicitly stating the simple claim first described by Edmund Halley that the reason the sky is black at night is because no particle from any distant stars is going in the direction of the Earth. As an observer gets more distant from a light source, the chance of a particle going in their direction becomes exponentially smaller until seeing even a single light particle they emitted is impossible.
41) The theory: A two fluid electricity theory that views acids as simultaneous proton donors and electron acceptors, and bases as simultaneous proton acceptors and electron donors.
42) ULSF uncovers the missing transmutation, for example, why is transmutation not systematized to produce hydrogen and oxygen from common atoms? Why are no atoms or molecules larger than carbon often accelerated in an effort to make bulk transmutation of atoms publicly?
43) The first to explicitly show how the distance of a light source (and size of light source) changes the position of the spectra of the light source (relative to the center node), and to show how this shifting due to distance and/or size is an obvious problem with Milton Humason's original photo evidence of calcium absorption line shifting published in 1936, and how this invalidates the "big bang-expanding universe" theory and to support the theory of the universe as being infinite in size and time. In addition, how this "distance of light source changes spectral line position" phenomenon was recognized in 1960 by Herbert Dingle.
44) The first to revive William Lawrence Bragg's 1912 realization and claim that diffraction can be explained as particle reflection- that the spectrum of light from a diffraction grating can be explained as the result of many particles reflecting with the same (progressively increasing) interval (set by the grating spacing) in the same direction.
45) That the reason many spectra fit ordered series is because the frequencies of particles they emit contain many multiples of a high frequency- for example just as any 10000 Hz wave also contains a 1000 Hz, 100 Hz, etc. other frequencies, all of which reflect as resonant angles and grating spacings. So a single high frequency light produces many multiple symmetrically spaced lower frequency spectral lines.
46) The first to clearly state that polarization can be viewed as a form of particle reflection, and is more accurately called "planerization" because in "polarization" light particles (or any kind of particles) are filtered based on their direction into specific two-dimensional planes based on the geometry of the planes in the "polarizing" material. With this corpuscular theory, so-called "double-refraction" is explained as light particles (again or any particles) reflecting off of the two rectilinear planes in double-refracting materials. This also accounts for why light particles that are double-refracted are also "planerized" (polarized).
47) The first to clearly support and explain the theory that refraction and double refraction are particle reflection phenomena: light (or any kind or size of) particles reflect off of other light particles in the atoms of the "refracting" medium.
48) Shows graphically how Francisco Grimaldo's experiments first reported in 1665 in which he created the theory of light "diffraction" can be explained as particles of light reflected from the inside surfaces of the holes.
49) If an ULSF6 is made it will be the first video to offer a corpuscular explanation of the phenomenon called light "interference", showing that two motions never "cancel" each other out, but, instead, that, in a collision, particles only change directions. It seems likely that in an experiment, where two sound sources may produce silent areas where the molecules of air collide, two (radio) light sources with the same wavelength in the same experiment will not produce areas of darkness- instead only adding together because light particles in such an experiment are too few and too small to collide with each other.
50) The first movie (free or otherwise) to show human-made cities on the terrestrial surface of planet Jupiter (please correct me if inaccurate).

ULSF advantages:
1) Unlike most modern books and movies, ULSF is fully footnoted with many original sources cited, including page numbers. In fact, each sentence is cited. So there can be no question about what was the source of any information in ULSF.
2) Most books presume that the reader will know how to pronounce all the biological names, but because we do not have a one letter equals one sound alphabet, words are often mispronounced. Although there are many pronunciation corruptions throughout history and differences in pronunciation for people of different languages, ULSF has the advantage that technical terms, and biological name pronunciations have been checked with official sources to learn at least the popular pronunciations of the word in English.

Other notes:
Certainly many Universe, Life, Science, Future firsts were the product of remote neuron writing by very good people trying to reach the public with the truth.
What we see is really a teach science and stop violence alliance, where many people are supporting the truth, logic, and are seeing our future place in the galaxy as the owners of not just one star but of a cluster of stars. The challenge is to reach the rest of the people on Earth with this message of truth and our possible future, in the hope that they will support and join this effort.

Interested in translating the ULSF videos into another language to bring the story of evolution, science, and the future to many people of different languages? Please contact me!
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